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What does a company nestled in the rolling hills of the Chagrin Valley, Ohio, have to do with selling automatic chucking machines in the middle-east; influencing users of off-road equipment in France; and changing the buying habits of specifiers of chemicals in Japan?


The connection: TRANSLATION


M/C International plays an important role in the marketing plans of dozens of companies, large and small, that sell their products and services overseas. More and more of these companies are turning to and relying upon M/C's staff of linguists to translate their message into the native tongue of the customers they want to reach and influence.


M/C's in-house staff and international network of linguists represent all the major phases of industry and commerce, such as engineering and law, architecture and economics, etc. They are engaged to work under M/C's multilingual management. This international network represents most of the West, Middle East, Asia, and the Orient. The end result of this in-depth expertise is a technically up-to-date project, presented in a style of writing that reflects the idiom and mode of expression of the foreign language. The style is so natural and "right" that to the foreign reader it does not sound or read like a translation.


M/C has handled assignments that call for the translation of English into Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Farsi, Serb, Croat as well as the more asked for French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages.


With affiliates and associates operating out of offices as far ranging as Argentina, Egypt, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, India, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Mexico, France, Spain, etc. M/C's personnel are well versed in the trends and lifestyles of their respective countries, and have been of great assistance to executives, managers and their families who have had to relocate to a foreign country.


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